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The Oxford Times Wednesday, 12 June 2013 -

Griselda ups the Ante with novel win!





For some weeks now, the Guardian has been running a Self-Publishing Showcase on its website, featuring the best of self-publishing ventures and interviewing authors who've gone down that route.  I'm delighted that this week I've been invited to take part, talking about Ante's Inferno - check out and see!





I've been following this website for some time.  It fizzes with ideas of things to do and see in Oxon/Bucks - theatre, film, restaurants, pubs, shops, kids' activities - you name it.  I love  the whole feel of it so was thrilled to be asked to contribute a write-up of my favourite places for it.  Here's what I came up with - I had fun!


In the week in which The Tragickall History of Henry Fowst is launched, I'm honoured to have been asked to contribute guest posts on  two websites I love.


First, this wonderful site which discusses and reviews childrens' books:   https://childtasticbooks.wordpress.com/ 



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Next, the glorious Muddy Stilettos (see below), has asked my advice on How to Write a Book. Follow this for my nuggets of, er, wisdom on the subject: http://bucksoxon.muddystilettos.co.uk/how-to-write-a-book-by-griselda-heppel/

Ante's Inferno drawing

While both Ante's Inferno and The Tragickall History of Henry Fowst have terrific cover images engraved by Hilary Paynter, no one has ever done illustrations for the stories inside... until now.  

  I love this superb depiction of Ante, Florence and Gil in the Multivice Centre in Ante's Inferno.  Banana Girl from http://mangobubblesbooks.com/2015/11/07/antes-inferno-griselda-heppel-reviewed-by-banana-girl-10/ has captured it perfectly.

 What's the best thing about self-publishing? Find out on my first ever podcast, courtesy of Paul Teague, on this great website.

Last year brought the centenary of Passchendaele (1917 - 2017), arguably the most terrible of all battles of the First World War, with casualties on both sides totalling over 500,000.

  Following Siegfried Sassoon's Memorial Tablet (I died in Hell - they called it Passchendaele), a reconstruction of this battle forms the lowest circle of Hell in Ante's Inferno). To mark the centenary, the book was reprinted and I am thrilled with this specially updated jacket, in which the grim photograph makes this connection all too clear.

  Copies (£12.99) are available in bookshops, as usual, or you can order one direct from the publisher and have the benefit of £3 off!  And there's always Amazon...

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